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     Helijia Rubber & Plastic Products Co., Ltd. built in 1990 ,  committing to provide rubber
solution for Home Appliance continuously. "HELIJIA" brand is a famous trademark in
Shandong Province. HELIJIA Group have 5 factories in China which had passed ISO 9001 and
ISO14001 certification before year of 2000.  Our headquarters is located of Dezhou city covering
80,000㎡ . Hebei Province branch company  coves 66,000㎡ . We have more than 1000 employees ,
and 10% of them are  engineers.

   Helijia provided more than 10 million pieces of washing machine rubber gasket all over
the world annually.  Our main partners include  Haier Group, Midea Group, Whirlpool Home
Application, GE Little Swan Company, Samsung Electric, Panasonic Electric, Jingling Electric
(Italy Candy),etc.We sincerelyhope to cooperate with you at any time.                                                                                                                                   HELIJIA Group 

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